Struggling to ensure the right people are picking children from your School?

Here is a Trusted Solution

The #1 Missing Link in schools' achievement

A seamless platform that makes it easy for parents to be involved with their children’s school life

SmartSapp Bridges The Gap Between Schools & Parents

At SmartSapp, we are working hard to provide a high-value educational experience by integrating communication between you (School), your parents, teachers and students in one app. We are continuously finding ways to make it super-easy for your parents to be involved with their children’s school life.

Digitalize to serve your parents better

Give Parents PEACE OF MIND with the Security of their Children In your care

The easy and fun way to ensure the right people are picking children from your school

Use the #1 trusted solution to ensure the right people are picking children from your school.

Eliminate traffic congestion and make pickup hassle-free and fast

Avoid delays & traffic congestion within your school premises

Make It Easy for parents to Be involved in Their children’s Learning

parents can track all homeworks, assignments, project works etc for their children from anywhere, anytime

Make It Easy For Parents To Pay You

Parents can pay for anything from the comfort of their phones and receive electronic receipts for every payment.

Communication is Everything

looking to keep an open door policy with your parents? We provide a seamless but controlled platform to achieve just that. Build a family in your school with your parents.

Minimize losses and cut waste in your canteen

minimize losses through over cooking and eliminate the use of cash by students to buy things from your canteen. All items can be purchased using QR Code in place of cash.

Give parents weekly, monthly and termly academic progressive reports at their fingertips

The easy and most reliable way to get parents involved and support their children learning is keeping them updated with the progress/performance of their children on weekly and monthly basis. Do not rely on only end of term report cards.

The amazing way to check up on absent/late students without calling parents

Make it easy for parents to keep you updated with their children condition with the click of a button. Save your admin time on follow up calls to parents to check up on their absent or late children.

Keep parents in the loop all the time

Send parents instant notifications on their children’s activities in school.

Switch your school manual processes to digitalized and paperless system in 3 simple steps:

  1. Book A Call
  2. We share step by step solution for your school’s digitalization
  3. You decide how to proceed