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Who else wants to ensure the right people are picking children from their school?

Don’t be left Behind: see why top schools trust SmartSapp with their drop off & pick up process!

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Stressed running your school?

We digitalize the manual activities to make it a whole lot easier, less stressful and more fun.

Digitalised Drop off & Pick Up Process

  • Automatically ensure the right people are picking children from your school
  • Automatically captures daily attendance

Send notifications to parents when their children are dropped off or picked up from school or when students report/leave your premises by themselves

  • Parents can easily send absent/lateness request to school admin when their child will not be coming/late to school
  • Save time and make children feel loved by automatically following up on all absent students daily to stay on top of your service delivery to parents

Automatically detect and deny/stop fee owning students from being dropped off in the morning by their parents

  • Parents can easily add or remove any pickup person anytime anywhere with the tap of a button
  • Automatically deny access to a previous pick up person who has been removed by child's parents. It reads unauthorised delegate
  • Eliminate accidents/near misses within your school premises during pickup and drop off
  • Streamline your traffic management processes to eliminate delays/traffic jam caused to parents during drop off and pick up times
  • Automate your PA system to call out students real names using their personalised parents voices when they arrive to pick them
  • Reduce the time parents spend to pick up their children to less than 30seconds
  • Provide parents with timely progressive academic reports to enable them take steps to help their children when required
  • Parents have visibility into the academic life of their children from anywhere, anytime

Parents can track what their children are learning anywhere, anytime!

Parents can follow their children's lessons schedule in real time from anywhere anytime through SmartSapp

  • Eliminate paper receipts and errors in your fee collection process
  • Parents can safely pay for fees anywhere anytime through SmartSapp
  • Eliminate tedious manual reconciliation of payments records from parents across all school accounts.

We need a digitalized system that makes it easy for parents to pay for bus services and automatically provide detailed Bus boarding records

Parents can easily indicate their children's food allergies through SmartSapp to help canteen staff better cater for the needs of each student

  • Build a family with your parents by making it easy for them to share their ideas and feedback with you towards building a better school
  • Use a well controlled communication platform that enables you engage parents as a group or on one-on-on basis to meet their needs

Parents screen their children at home and receive clearance before they drop them in school to minimise infections/ spread of Covid

  • Send assignments, homework, quizzes etc and manage all e-learning activities from one seamless platform
  • Keep parents up-to-date with all homeworks, assignments, projects etc
  • Automatically grade all multiply choice questions within seconds to save teachers time
  • Make it easy for students to purchase food and snacks from your canteen using QR code instead of cash
  • current canteen operations with easy ways for parents to pay and automatically verify who has access or not

We have a school management system; Most schools do.

Here is why they still implemented SmartSapp!

Right now, you might have a school management system in place and probably not looking to add another one. I understand you. Almost all the schools currently using SmartSapp had one or more school management systems in place before they came to us.
For some, their current school management system is not giving them joy. For most, SmartSapp provided a one stop solution from ensuring the security of their students to making it easy for parents to be involved with their children’s school life. Yet for others, SmartSapp helps them transform their schools to a level where their classrooms are overflowing and parents are willing to pay any amount to enroll their children.
Most schools that have signed up to SmartSapp, are witnessing a transformation in their service delivery because parents are excited with the ease of doing things with the school.
We trust SmartSapp will transform your school to a place better than where you are now. Hence we guarantee every cedi your pay to us with a 100% money back if you are not excited after one term.
SmartSapp is risk-free. Go ahead and request a free Demo now to see how SmartSapp can transform your school within a term.

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- Malcolm X

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Expect transformation in your school’s operations

Schools like yours currently using SmartSapp have:

Eliminated manual processes and use less paper in their operations

Cut cost tremendously in their school’s operations

Attracted & Retained high profile parents with long waiting list!

Are able to charge higher fees with Zero push back from parents

Freed up staff time to focus on teaching and learning resulting in a boost in students’ performance

How do I get started?

You can begin the process of switching your school’s manual activities to a digitalized and paperless system in 3 easy steps.

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