About SmartSapp

So, what's SmartSapp?

SmartSapp is short for 'Smart School Application', a multifaceted application developed with the primary aim of strengthening child security in schools, and giving parents more control to ensure it.

"I drop off my kids every morning with NO record to show for it. They get picked up from school without any form of verification of the person picking them up. We need to help our schools take better care of our wards. They are the reason we're parents". These are the words of Mr. Frank D. Natie, team leader of SmartSapp. These security issues and others pushed him to seek a solution that would combine child-security and parent convenience without the hassle that often comes with increased security measures. Unable to find one, he created his own ... and SmartSapp was born.

Children deserve to feel safe at school and every parent should have the peace of mind that all aspects of their child's school day are fully protected. However,systems currently run in numerous schools across Ghana are not adequately equipped to account for when children arrive at and leaveschool. Unauthorised individuals known to children (neighbours, relatives,ex-family drivers, etc.) pose the greatest risk to child safety in schools and abuse in general as kids tend to trust them. It is therefore important that only persons authorised by parents have access to their children at school. On a daily basis, children leaving school premises without any record of who picked them up poses a huge security risk for both school authorities and parents. Schools often do not know how many kids have left and how many are still on their premises. Consequently, responses to emergency situations are bound to be chaotic and the risk of children leaving the school premises with strangers is very high. SmartSapp caters to the current lapses in child-security in our schools, offering real-time security for children; convenience for parents and simpler and smarter systems schools.

COVID-19 Risk Rating Feature

How does the COVID-19 risk rating feature work?

The feature is incorporated into SmartSapp’s child security application that is used by parents to drop off and pick up their children from school daily. Parents receive notifications through SmartSapp mobile app to self screen their children or family using the COVID-19 risk rating feature. At the end of each survey, parents receive a green pass which indicates their children are safe to go to school or a yellow pass which means their children may be at risk of COVID-19 hence should take further steps to confirm or otherwise. Schools can ensure safety by admitting only students with green passes during drop-off.

SmartSapp has designed solutions such as COVID-19 risk rating, contact tracing and social distancing that allow schools to easily enforce COVID-19 protocols to ensure safety for students and teachers. Simply contact the SmartSapp team for a demo or to discuss how you can implement these solutions in your school?

You can contact SmartSapp and we will take you through how parents in your school can install SmartSapp and how you can operationalize its usage in your school.

Security & Privacy

How can SmartSapp help schools take control of the security of wards in their care?

SmartSapp Drop-off/Pickup feature does multiple things at once - Arrival and departure of children is electronically scanned and recorded. Upon scanning at arrival, attendance of students is automatically taken, hence no need for a manual register in classrooms. During pickup, all persons are verified electronically with their pictures as authorised before they can leavewith any ward. The process is quick and efficient, thereby drastically reducing congestion at schools during these critical times. Additionally, parents have real-time data on when their wards were dropped or picked up from school, and by whom. This equally serves to check child truancy in schools. Together. these features allow for speedy human accountability on a daily basis, as well as in emergency situations (lock-down, fire, natural disaster, terrorist attacks, etc.). Processes such as fee payment, provision of school supplies, canteen management and the likes are all made more convenient by using electronic means to track and facilitate the processes involved. With less paperwork, less resources used for daily affairs and streamlined processes, schools can reduce their operational costs and save money by running more efficiently on SmartSapp.

Once installed, SmartSapp requires a pin to be created,thereby preventing unauthorized access. Data transmission between the application and all servers and devices is encrypted and a firewall protects against attacks. A separate specialised technology protects against "Brute ForceAttacks" while (HSTS)protects against packet sniffers. Enhanced server security - server hardening - protects against numerous attacks.

SmartSapp makes it possible for parents to quickly and easily remove,disable or stop any driver or delegate from picking their wards with the press of a button.

Accessing SmartSapp

How do I get on SmartSapp?

SmartSapp and its many benefits is availablefor parents whose wards' schools are signed up on the SmartSapp Network. Parents can speak to their wards' schools about SmartSapp and the team will come over to do a free live demonstration. Likewise, schools can also contact SmartSapp directly for the live demonstration to experience how things work, first-hand.

Schools will provide authorised persons with hard copy printed QR code cards that can be used to safely and securely drop off or pick up wards.

SmartSapp scanners can work comfortably offline. Parents' version can work in offline mode.

SmartSapp is cloud based and can be assessed on any device (android,iOS,web - admin portal) from anywhere in the world once you connect to the internet.

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